3 new publications – published in June

  1. Callary, B., Maher, P.T.,Root, E.L., & Ryan, J. (2018). Exposition of process-based learning for first year university students. Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching, 11, 118-128. Available here.
  2. Maher, P.T. (2018). Conversations across the Pond: Connections between Canadian and Western European outdoor studies over the last 20 years. In P. Becker, C. Loynes, B. Humberstone, & J. Schirp (Eds.). The Changing World of Outdoor Learning in Europe (pp. 251-2613). Abingdon, UK: Routledge.
  3. Graci, S., & Maher, P.T. (2018). Tourism. In G. Baldacchino (Ed.). Routledge International Handbook of Island Studies: A World of Islands (pp. 247-260). Abingdon, UK: Routledge.

New toys!

Pleased to get some funding to buy a Mavic Pro drone and a Hero6 GoPro camera.  Important tools to advance digital social science research, teaching innovation, and community outreach possibilities.


Another new publication

With long time friends and collaborators:

Johnston, M.E., Dawson, J., & Maher, P.T. (accepted). Strategic Development Challenges in Marine Tourism in Nunavut. Resources,6(3).

Resources is Open Access and our article is available here.

It’s part of a Special Issue on “Sustainable Tourism and Natural Resource Conservation in the Polar Regions” initiated from the 5th conference of the International Polar Tourism Research Network (IPTRN)



Two new publications

  1. Maher, P.T. (2017). Tourism Futures in the Arctic. In K. Latola & H. Savela (Eds.). The Interconnected Arctic. (pp. 213-220). Amsterdam: Springer.
  2. Rowsell, B*., & Maher, P.T. (2017). Uniqueness as a Draw for Riding Under the Midnight Sun. In K. Latola & H. Savela (Eds.). The Interconnected Arctic. (pp. 221-229). Amsterdam: Springer.

* Former MA Tourism student whom I supervised at the University of Northern British Columbia.  Now an instructor at Capilano University.

This book is Open Access, under a CC BY 4.0 license.

A flyer can be found here.