Cape Breton University, Community Studies and, Sport and Physical Activity Leadership (January 2014-present)

  • EDUC 6107, Nature and Outdoor Learning (online)
  • COMS 1100, Introduction to Community Studies
  • COMS 2100, Applied Research (now split into COMS 2103 and COMS 2105)
  • COMS 2103, An Experiential Introduction to Research Methods
  • COMS 3100, Community Action Project
  • COMS 2101, Work Experience Placement I (online)
  • COMS 3101, Work Experience Placement II (online)
  • SPAL 2104, Outdoor Skills and Leadership
  • SPAL 3106, Adventure Programming and Outdoor Education
  • SPAL 3111, Place Responsive Experiential Learning: Theory to Practice
  • SPAL 4101, Critical Approaches to Outdoor Studies (3C – onsite and online )

I have also taught into the joint higher education program on Northern Tourism (Masters level, development funded by SIU) in 2016/17 and 2017/18. These courses are hosted by one of the group of seven institutions, and involve co-teaching with colleagues from that group: UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, Vancouver Island University, the University of Iceland, Umea University, the University of Lapland, and the University of Oulu.

  • Northern Tourism in Practice
  • Sustainable Tourism Development in Northern Environments
  • Northern Tourists, Northern Hosts: Performances and Experiences

As a visiting scholar at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in 2017 I taught into the TEOS Joint Module II Landscape and Outdoor Practice with Professor Kirsti Pederson Gurholt, Dr. Emily Root, Dr. Chris Loynes, Dr. Martin Vollmar, and Dr. Martin Lindner. (April 2012)

As a visiting scholar at the University Centre of the Westfjords (Iceland) in 2018, I taught a Masters level course on Arctic Marine Tourism (CMM 20D) in the Coastal and Marine Management program.

University of Northern British Columbia, Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management program (September 2005 – December 2013)

  • GEOG 402, Geography of the Circumpolar North
  • NREM 100, Introduction to Fields Skills
  • ORTM 100, Leisure in Life
  • ORTM 202, Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism
  • ORTM 332, Outdoor Education and Leadership
  • ORTM 333, Field Experience I (Stikine River; BC North Coast; Haida Gwaii)
  • ORTM 407, Tourism Recreation and Communities (online)
  • ORTM 410, Research Methods and Analysis
  • ORTM 414, Polar Tourism and Recreation (onsite and online)
  • ORTM 433, Field Experience II (Antarctic Peninsula)
  • ORTM 440, Internship (National Outdoor Leadership School; Tourism Prince George; Yukon Department of Tourism and Culture)
  • ORTM 498, Special Topic (Rural Sustainability; Skill, Identity and Place)
  • ORTM 499, Independent Study (Angler preferences in the Omineca region; The practice of leadership at NOLS; Outdoor education and spirituality)
  • ORTM 610, Research Methods and Analysis (graduate level)
  • ORTM 614, Polar Tourism and Recreation (graduate level)

In 2012, during my sabbatical, I also:

  • Taught into the MAS 425 Friluftsliv course at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences with Professor Kirsti Pederson Gurholt and Professor Pip Lynch. (Feb-April 2012)
  • Taught into the TEOS Joint Module II Landscape and Practice at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences with Professor Kirsti Pederson Gurholt, Professor Peter Becker, Dr. Chris Loynes, Dr. Martin Vollmar, and Dr. Martin Lindner. (April 2012)
  • Contributed to the University of Edinburgh MSc in Outdoor Environmental and Sustainability Education Environmental Education in Practice field course to Glen Strae, taught by Dr. Sam Harrison. (May 2012)
  • Co-taught the SLM 602 Case studies in Sustainability at Vancouver Island University and in the field on the Southern Gulf Islands with Dr. Nicole Vaugeois. (Oct./Nov. 2012)

University of Alberta, Instructor/co-instructor, Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation (Spring Outdoor Camp – May 2005)

  • PEDS 305, Adventure Education Leadership
  • PEDS 205, Introduction to Outdoor Environmental Education
  • PAC 180, Introduction to Canoeing
  • PAC 380, Analysis, Instruction and Leadership of Canoeing
  • PEDS 499/RLS 490, Skill, Identity and Place

University of Otago, Lecturer, Tourism Department, School of Business (June 2004-Dec. 2004)

  • TOUR 102, Global Tourism
  • TOUR 212, Tourism Development and Planning
  • PHSE 377, Leisure Environments
  • TOUR 412, Impacts of Tourism
  • TOUX 412, Impacts of Tourism (online)

Lincoln University, Guest Lecturer/Teaching Assistant, Environment, Society & Design Division (June 2001-May 2004)

  • TOUR 101, Introduction to Tourism
  • TOUR 201, Global Tourism Environments
  • TOUR 301, Tourist Behaviour
  • RECN 303/TOUR 302, Tourism Planning and Development
  • RECN 322, Sport Management
  • SOCI 204, Social Science Research Methods
  • MGMT 326, Recreation Management

Lakehead University, Teaching Assistant, School of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism (September 1998-June 2000)

  • OR 2310, Practicum I – Summer Outdoor Skills
  • OR 2350, Practicum II – Winter Outdoor Skills
  • OR 2410, Interpretation and Outdoor Education
  • OR 2270, Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Programming/Evaluation

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